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Monday, September 10, 2007

General Petraeus Report vs MoveOn.Org

Based on the top Google searches, the Petraeus Report was a major event today. Since the TagTrends tool grabs the hourly hot trends feed (others are noticing this new feed), I thought it would be interesting to see how these search trends changed throughout the day. I'll list the timestamp (EDT) and those keywords related to the Petraeus event in the top 25 searches.

Before the Petraeus Report (Mon Sep 10 13:26:17 2007):
16. cspan
17. petraeus

During the Petraeus Testimony (Mon Sep 10 15:07:06 2007)
5. cspan
6. general petraeus
7. lantos
8. tom lantos
12. ike skelton
15. ros lehtinen
22. david petraeus
23. petraeus report

Shortly After the Event (Mon Sep 10 16:50:11 2007):
5. code pink
8. petraeus
9. general petraeus
12. cspan
13. tom lantos
18. ryan crocker
22. ike skelton
23. david petraeus

Into the Evening (Mon Sep 10 21:02:32 2007):
19. general petraeus

I suspect those liveblogging the House Armed Services Committee Hearing featuring General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker would have found a tool like TagTrends useful for knowing which tags to use while writing posts. I still think the presidential candidates should be buying keywords like these, in near-real-time, related to a current political event. Looking at the top Google searches, it's very interesting to realize the trend of people actively seeking information via search engines both during and immediately after a major televised event. Will any of the presidential candidates capitalize on this offline-to-online trend?

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