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Sunday, August 19, 2007

New Hampshire Straw Poll Search Trends

Eric Frenchman uses the term issue targeting. Why aren't the marketing teams for the presidential candidates buying more "issue" keywords on search engines? As well as issues, I think the candidates should be buying keywords in reaction to current search trends. Read the Wired article "Which Presidential Candidates Have Mastered Google?" for more details on this type of strategy. Consider these recent search trends:
That search is not in the top 100 either yesterday (8/18/07) or today (8/19/07) but it does register (Google trends data is updated many times throughout the day). I'm currently only seeing an ad for Ron Paul on a new hampshire straw poll search on Google. Why don't other presidential candidates (from either party) buy that keyword phrase for the short term? Maybe trendwatching is not a part of the keyword research process for their search marketing teams?

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