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Monday, June 04, 2007

TagTrends Test: Mashup of Google Hot Trends + Technorati Tags

TagTrendsI'm experimenting with a new mashup called TagTrends. It looks at the popular searches from Google Hot Trends and filters it down to only those single and double keyword phrases (since most tags are one or two words). It then compares these searches to the Technorati tags page. This tool is similar to TagMuse which pulls popular searches from Technorati. The basic idea is to identify keywords to use as tags for new blog posts. Not sure if the Google Hot Trends data is going to be useful or not for this application. This is one of those random ideas I thought might be worth testing. Here's a current snapshot of the top 10 keyword tags from the tool:
How could you use this information? The core idea is to write a blog post on one of these keyword topics. Could have other uses, though. If people are searching with these keywords on Google, they're likely to do so on Technorati. Could be a way to know what Technorati WTF to write. Could buy some pay per click keyword ads. Could help with brainstorming domain name ideas (maybe that's a stretch).

How are you using Google Trends data and Hot Trends, in particular? Would you use a free tool like TagTrends or TagMuse?

Tags (made w/ TagBuildr): , , ,


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