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Monday, June 04, 2007

Crucial Info for Getting Back Your Lost Traffic

I'm a little baffled by emails I've been receiving with a subject line of "Crucial Info for Getting Back Your Lost Traffic" from Yahoo! Search Marketing:
We've been reviewing advertisers' accounts, and have identified your account as one that may be recently experiencing decreased traffic. Specifically, it appears that you have one or more ad groups that have only one ad in them, which is hindering your ability to test different ads that might be able to increase traffic while lowering your costs.
Huh?! It's the advertiser's fault that the new Yahoo! Search Marketing ad platform (Panama) has resulted in decreased traffic? This is an odd move by Yahoo! to imply that a dip in traffic is due to an advertiser's action (or inaction). Seems like quite a few people are not impressed with the upgrade of Overture to Yahoo! Search Marketing Panama:
Pity. The legacy Overture system was a good ad platform. It just needed to be a bit more responsive. I liked the fact that it was different from Google AdWords. Now, it's arguably a clone of AdWords that's not quite as good. My biggest complaint with the new Yahoo! Search Marketing is that you can't buy search engine advertising on Yahoo! alone. You're stuck with their entire syndication network which has some nasty ingredients. I'll be relieved if/when they fix that.

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Blogger Danielle said...


I truly couldn't agree more. Yahoo Search Marketing seems to be consistent only in their ability to drop the ball. I've been so greatly and so regularly disappointed by Yahoo that my staff now speaks in hushed tones around me whenever the 'Y' word is discussed - they mumble something about 'that scary vein' as they scamper away.

It will be interesting to see how their new 'Open Platform' brings about changes within the system. Seems to me like a bit of a cop-out on Yahoos part, as though they're hoping an external source can figure out how to make it work. It certainly doesn't bode well for a Yahoo version of Google Editor, which I pray for nightly. Do you see their announcement having a positive or negative effect on the platform?

Anyway, thank you for the link-love, Richard and the great post!

Open Platform post

Tue Jun 05, 11:51:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Richard said...

Hi Danielle, I welcome the new API but don't think it will make a big difference. Just as I don't think the switch from Overture to Panama makes a big difference. Making changes to the back-end doesn't solve the front-end problem. Simply put, Yahoo! is losing search market share. That's what needs to be addressed. Changes to the back-end ad platform do little to improve front-end market share.

Yahoo! has a distribution problem. They need their ads distributed in more high quality sites and they need to weed out the low quality sites on their search and content networks. They need to make revolutionary changes to their search engine to get more people to use it. They need to partner with other companies (or buy them) to have their ads placed where the traffic is going. I think this is why Google bought YouTube. It's a future ad distribution play.

Tue Jun 05, 01:30:00 PM EDT  

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