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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Universal Search for aQuantive

In Google Killed the SEO Star, I commented on the real time nature of universal search. Interesting to see it in action. Consider the current Google search results for aQuantive:

aquantive news in google search

When I posted about the aQuantive (AQNT) stock price earlier today, this is what the same Google search looked like:

aquantive google universal search

The rank for the block of news results has changed from #4 to #1. From an SEO perspective, it's worth noting that only 9 spots are available for web pages. As Google incorporates more of its content sources into the search results, there will be even less room for "normal" web pages. This is partly what I meant by Google Killed the SEO Star. Matt McGee has an alternate view of universal search (and its impact on SEO) which is worth reading.

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