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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Trail Mix for Business Travel

Last year, a Business 2.0 article about high energy foods for business travel stated, "A prepackaged trail mix with both nuts and dried fruits is a perfect (and portable) high-energy combo." Yesterday, The New York Times published Trail Mix Isn’t Just for Hikers which recommends emergency food kits for business travel due to increasing "tarmac-sitting stories." Trail mix is a great office snack, too. I just ate a bag of Blue Loon Munch (from Maine Munchies®):

organic chocolate in trail mix

Doesn't that look yummy? Dark organic lavender chocolate, dried wild Maine blueberries, roasted almonds - not your ordinary trail mix. (Yes, Maine Munchies is a client.) Now, get yourself some trail mix for business travel or as an office snack. It takes energy to read/write blogs, after all. ;-)

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