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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Client's Paint Remover On This Old House Blog

Eco-Strip infrared paint removerI always get a kick out of seeing my clients mentioned in the news or on prominent blogs. A few days ago, Eco-Strip was mentioned on The HardWare Aisle, a blog run by This Old House. It's a fantastic post in that it tells a story that demonstrates the utility of the infrared paint remover that Eco-Strip sells and also how helpful the company's owner is. Here's an excerpt:
Another person might have sued the contractor, but isn't this what insurance companies are for? I was willing to forgive an accident—as long as he finished the job on my terms. I called the nearest Speedheater distributor, Eco-Strip, and told my tale of woe to owner Catherine Brooks.

She zipped over to demonstrate the Speedheater 1100 infrared paint remover as well as a delicious array of first-rate hardened steel scraping tools and “hands-free” attachments. This electric tool uses infrared heat to penetrate through the paint into the wood, so multiple layers can be scraped off with little damage to the wood. Unlike a heat gun or torch, the rays evenly heat the paint to no more than 600 degrees—well below the temperature at which wood ignites or lead fumes are released. It also works well on glass putty and varnish. The tool, used in Europe for more than a decade, is available to rent (about $24 a day, 3 day minimum) or buy (about $400). Eco-Strip was local for me, but they ship anywhere in the continental U.S.
Congrats, Cath!

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