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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

WTF? Technorati, I like it!

At first, I was confused by Technorati's new feature, WTF, since I couldn't find it when I went to the site. Via the Technorati blog, there's an explanation:
There's been a little bit of buzz already around Where's the Fire, because we “soft launched” the new feature on the website last night and only three short hours later had to take it down because its awesomeness rocked our servers too hard. And then the people who were lucky enough to have gotten a peek really did wonder, hey, where IS the fire?
The list of Top Searches on Technorati can be a little cryptic. Now, Technorati users can write short WTF (Where's the Fire?) blurbs about a topic and an icon will appear next to the search (topic? - not sure what's the best nomenclature). This image might explain it:

technorati wtf

I like this new WTF feature. I'm often confused as to what a given search (topic?) on Technorati is about. Does it pertain to a current event? Is it a person? Is it specific to bloggers or general news? Instead of leaving the Technorati site and hunting through a pile of blogs to find an answer, you can get the answer directly. Presumably this will work if the best answers rise to the top. Hopefully, this won't be gamed too easily. This is a smart move on Technorati's part because it will keep people on their site longer. That's more of a chance for either CPC or CPM revenue. Plus, they should see a wider audience if people find the new feature useful.

I created a WTF to try it out. Mine pertains to distribution fraud, which I think will become a hot topic. Not sure what happens to WTFs that don't pertain to topics (searches?) that are, at the moment, hot. BTW, speaking of Technorati, if you're in the habit of creating Technorati tags for your blog, consider using TagBuildr. It's a free tool that builds tags (compatible with Technorati tags). Try TagBuildr! Check out these tags to see how they differ from Technorati tags: , , , , , ,


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