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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Not a Word From Our Sponsors

I've noticed lately that quite a few prominent blogs write posts about their sponsors. Examples: Read/WriteWeb, Marketing Pilgrim, TechCrunch. I'm not sure I understand this. Is it an indication that the actual ads aren't effective? Is it a way to get the sponsors in front of the RSS readers? Perhaps this is a new form of contextual advertising, embedded in actual blog posts. If the blogger only chooses advertisers that match the general content of the blog, then these posts will actually be relevant to the readers.

These "commercial break" posts gave me an idea. I'm testing Ads by Apogee on this blog, which aren't really ads. Many of the companies I work with don't blog. I could do a little blogging on their behalf. As this blog has no real sponsors, my clients are, in essence, the sponsors. Well, I'll try it and will see if it's useful, both for subscribers and for clients. I am genuinely interested in the business models of my clients and am keen to help them get the word out about what they're doing. Let's see if this makes for an interesting blog post...

cube emergency water storage containersHedwin has launched a microsite, to showcase their innovative CubeĀ® Insert for emergency water storage.

timetrade appointment scheduling solutionsTimeTrade has hired a new CEO. This appointment scheduling software company has an impressive roster of customers.

Maine MunchiesCraig and Rosemary Gladstone, creators of Maine Munchies, were featured in a recent UMaine Today article about Maine specialty food producers.


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