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Monday, January 22, 2007

Why I Like Mondays

It might sound strange, but I like Mondays. When I worked for other companies, this wasn't always the case. Now that I work for myself, for my clients, I enjoy getting the business week started. Mondays are always a fresh start, a day for new ideas. I enjoy my work. Here are some reasons why:
  • I still write software. Instead of writing software for other people, though, I'm writing tools to help me with search engine marketing or blogging. Because I'm writing the software for my own company, I can give it away for free. These are some of the free software applications I've written: keyword research tool, tool to create blog tags, tool to track Google content ads, game to explore web 2.0 tags.
  • My work has a tangible impact on clients' revenue. That's rewarding.
  • I enjoy learning about businesses and how they run. I learn a great deal about business from my clients.
  • In a similar vein, I'm learning how to run a business. With an education in aerospace engineering and most of my work experience developing software, business is still a bit of a foreign concept. I'm enjoying the learning process. I like being an entrepreneur.
I suppose I could easily write a post about what I don't like about my job, things like dealing with health insurance, establishing fees, collecting money, etc. Still, I think I would have a difficult time going back to work for somebody else, so I'll keep working for my clients. BTW, I'd like to thank Chris Hooley (ThinkBait) for giving me the idea for this post. I think my blog's been sounding a bit negative lately, due to all the problems I've been having with garbage traffic from Google AdWords. Reading his post about enjoying his job reminded me that I genuinely enjoy mine. It's nice to write a positive post.

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