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Friday, October 06, 2006

Fun with Google Code Search

Yesterday, Google announced the launch of Google Code Search. I wonder if the timing's coincidental or if they're trying to blunt the success of Yahoo! Hack Day. Regardless, the launch has been noted by some prominent bloggers. Jason Kottke blogs about some interesting uses for Google Code Search. This one cracked me up: Profanities. I used to develop software at AOL and remember some pretty funny comments in developers' code. Whenever I could, I'd embed easter eggs in my code. So, playing around today I tried these code searches: easter egg + easter eggs. Good stuff.

Not sure if the Google Code Search launch will hurt or help existing sites like Koders and Krugle. In the short term, it might actually bring them some attention. Note that both companies were referenced in a TechCrunch post about the new Google feature. Are these companies doomed or is the spotlight now on them?

Update: Here are a few more funny Google code searches:
  1. "not going to work"
  2. stupid
  3. sucks
  4. smelly
  5. cheese
  6. "like cheese"
  7. spam eggs
  8. "monty python"
If you've found a funny Google code search, please share it.

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