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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

AdWords Seminars Fine Print

Google recently announced AdWords Seminars now in select cities. I suspect they'll expand this program if it goes well. Seems like a good move to reach out to small business. Might even be a way to appeal to large businesses that haven't yet realized the value of search engine advertising. The fine print is interesting:
AdWords Seminars for Success are designed for individual AdWords advertisers managing their own AdWords accounts. Agencies, SEOs, SEMs, and resellers are not eligible for these events.
Not sure why they'd want to exclude anyone from these seminars. You'd think they'd want anyone to improve their AdWords advertising. Perhaps the aim is to either convince more businesses to advertise online with Google or to convince companies to expand their existing PPC advertising. Still, search engine marketers are, in fact, Google's salesforce. Perhaps they'll have other AdWords seminars exclusively for Google advertising professionals. These are the people that will expand Google's dominance in search and contextual advertising.

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