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Friday, September 01, 2006

Blog Day 2006 Search Marketing Blogs

On my other blog, I posted about Blog Day 2006. See the original BlogDay site for background. Here, I'll mention 5 blogs at least somewhat related to search marketing that are perhaps not the usual suspects. At least 3 of the 5 should be fairly obscure. At any rate, enjoy these blogs I have found to be of interest:

1) Comparison Engines (Topic: online comparison shopping engines)

2) Mymotech (Topic: web analytics)

3) Search Engine Roundtable (Topic: search marketing)

4) The Lactivist (Topic: breastfeeding blog by editor of Search Engine Guide)

5) Marketing Punk (Topic: online marketing)

chocolate covered coffee beans
It's after midnight as I type this post but since I'm using the Blogger platform which is in California, I figure I have almost 3 hours to get this post in before Blog Day 2006 is actually over. I'm snacking on some chocolate covered coffee beans from my client, Maine Munchies, to help keep me awake as I type. They're absolutely delicious. Don't you think all bloggers need some? ;-)

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