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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Inside AdWords: Campaign Optimizer + Search Query Performance Report

A couple of recent Inside AdWords posts are worth mentioning. First, Campaign Optimizer now available. It's not a good tool. Maybe it'll improve. Right now, though, it can have some disastrous effects on your AdWords account. Note the fine print on the AdWords help page that answers the question How do I use the Campaign Optimizer:
Review your proposal carefully. The proposal is automated, so some changes may not be relevant for your campaign.
Enough said. Second, How to use the new Search Query Performance report is a well written post. Read it and then go back and read my post about the different match types called Purple Flowers Are Not Pink Despite What Google Might Think. You'll start to understand how broad match works and what strategies you need to put in place because of the behavior of broad matches. Also, the new search query performance report is one of the reasons Why More Companies Will Now Notice Google AdWords Flaws.

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