Sunday, March 04, 2007

Technorati WTF Added to Free TagBuildr Tool

I decided to add a link to Technorati WTF (Where's The Fire?) for any tag that has a WTF blurb. You'll only see Technorati's flame icon if such a blurb exists. Same with Flickr photos. They're only included if they exist for the tag. The rest of the links for a given TagSummary are static. Since TagBuildr builds tags using the rel-tag microformat, you can use the free TagBuildr tool to create tags that are compatible with Technorati tags. Perhaps some examples will help. First, for the tag joost:

joost tag

Since WTF blurbs can often be a quick way to find out more about a given tag, I figured I'd add them, when they exist. Here's an example where no WTF exists (but Flickr photos do), for the 300z tag (hmm, when I'm done blogging I should take my '96 Z for a spin):

300z tag

See the difference? Anyway, I hope this addition makes tags created by TagBuildr even more useful for inclusion in blog posts. See some of these tags for more examples: , , , , , , , , . Anyway, please consider using the free TagBuildr tool the next time you need to incorporate tags in your blog.

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