Wednesday, January 31, 2007

WTF is Technorati WTF?

There are a reports from reliable sources of a new Technorati feature called . In this case, the acronym is "Where's the Fire?" and is some sort of way for users to explain what's hot. I know I'm often a little perplexed when I look at the Top Searches & Tags on Technorati. For instance, looking right now, I don't know what these are: , , , , . Rather than having to wade through blog posts to figure out what those searches or tags pertain to, it would be useful to have explanations for each one. Perhaps that's the goal. Let users of Technorati help other users of Technorati by offering quick explanations around the "hot" topics. Note that the Technorati TagMan game uses this data for answers.

Technorati Tags Game

NOT Technorati Tags (make your own with TagBuildr): ,


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