Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tags in the Blogosphere

In the first part of Dave Sifry's State of the Blogosphere report, he mentions the rise of tagging. Are blog tags really useful or do they indicate a problem with blog search? If blog search is very accurate, why are tags necessary? Aren't blog tags, essentially, meta tags? Haven't traditional search engines moved beyond meta tags, for the most part? Will blog search engines evolve beyond tags or is there somehow a difference and will these tags aid in blog search?

Forget about all these questions and enjoy a game of Technorati TagMan. ;-)

I'd be curious to see if more people use Technorati Search or Technorati Tags. I'd imagine Search since that's the default and is more prominent on the Technorati home page. I suppose the more important answer would be to know which do users find more relevant. Perhaps that would help determine the utility of blog tags for the long term.

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