Tuesday, February 14, 2006

TagMan Traffic BrrReeeport

I'm tracking the incoming traffic to TagMan. Here are a few sources of recent visits:

ResearchBuzz Roundup 021406
Shall we play a game? | Willy Dobbe
TagMan - guess the flickr tag - Fosfor Gadgets

If you link to TagMan or have seen a link to TagMan, let me know by posting a comment to this blog. Link to any of these pages:

TagMan FAQ
Technorati TagMan
Flickr TagMan
Squidoo TagMan
del.icio.us TagMan
TagMan Squidoo Lens

When playing a game of TagMan, be aware that there are some pretty strange looking tags such as brrreeeport. Also, many tags contain numbers as well as letters. Enjoy exploring web 2.0 tags via the game.

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ben said...

That game is funny! nice stuff to discover, :)

12:26 PM  

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