Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Doemitz Ferrari via TagTrends

I've seen some strange traffic to my site lately, due to TagTrends. For example, I just noticed hits from a Google search for Doemitz Ferrari. Here's a current snapshot of that search:

doemitz ferrari search

Turns out to be a rather odd story. Reuters has this headline: Nude blonde, gold stilettos and a Ferrari. That story begins:
BERLIN (Reuters) - A mysterious blonde paid a visit to a petrol station shop in the small eastern German town of Doemitz on Sunday -- wearing nothing but a pair of golden stilettos and a thin gold bracelet.
At the end of the story, they mention "A quick-witted customer did, however, snap pictures of the woman believed to be about 30 years old as she walked back to a waiting Ferrari and climbed into the passenger seat."

ferrari doemitz golden stilettos

Ok. See the tags for yourself...

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