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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Google AdWords Help for Holiday Sales

AdWords Help ForumOn the new AdWords Help forum, AdWordsPro.Sarah posted Tip #13: Strategies For Improving Holiday Sales. It is, essentially, a guest post I wrote for the new forum. Here's an excerpt:
Most big online retailers are currently running seasonal ad campaigns for the holidays. Smaller retailers still have time to generate holiday sales, too. Here are some tips to spruce up existing ad groups to garner more holiday sales:

1) Set budgets higher
Online shopping will peak over the next few weeks. Increase campaign budgets to make sure your ads remain visible as impressions increase.
NOTE: This is a good time to make sure your search campaigns are separate from your content campaigns. You don't want a surge in content traffic to disable your search ads. Keep the budgets separate by using different campaigns. Focus on increasing the budgets for the search campaigns.

Read the rest of the holiday sales tips...
If you are a new visitor to Apogee Weblog from that post on the new forum, this holiday consider a free subscription to this blog. ;-)

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I paused (literally) yesterday, seeing who was ringing the opening bell at the NASDAQ:

SEMPO members ringing bell at NASDAQ

It was SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization).  How mainstream is search marketing nowadays?

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