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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yahoo! Search Marketing Blocked Domains Help

Yahoo Search Marketing recently increased the max number of blocked domains from 250 to 500 per account. What does that tell you? Hmmm...

Yes, they still have a sausage problem. They'd be better off cleaning up their syndication network themselves, rather than placing the burden on advertisers to block low quality traffic on their own. Consider this statement from Yahoo in the comments in response to questions about what report(s) to run in the Yahoo Search Marketing system to find the domains where an advertiser's ads are displayed:
Though we currently don’t have a report that specifically indentifies which of our partners the click came from, we suggest you look into your weblogs for such information especially when using tracking urls.
IOW, you're on your own. Yahoo! Well, if Yahoo won't help you, I will. You can use my firm's free, open source script to track clicks from Yahoo ads. It's a quick way to see the domains where the clicks originate:

yahoo search marketing domains

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Richard, what you may not know is this arbitrage play supports probably 50% of the ppc market. So, if you took it away, both Google and Yahoo would suffer dramatically. Its the way they launder clicks through thier network from outside questionable sources. For example, that that you cite... go to, do a search for anything and see what comes up. Findstuff has syndicated the yahoo search feed. Your advertiser could be paying 7search prices for that very same traffic because that is where the clicks orginated from. You will also see numerous Google syndicated feeds in those results too. If you want to know more, then post a reply message and I will contact you from my email address.

Fri Dec 04, 07:58:00 AM EST  
Blogger Richard said...

I'm all ears.

Fri Dec 04, 09:10:00 AM EST  

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