Saturday, August 11, 2007

Iowa Straw Poll Results

I've taken TagTrends offline while I work on some issues. In the meantime, I'm going directly to Google Trends to see what searches currently have spikes in volume. Right now, iowa straw poll results is hot:

iowa straw poll results

If I were managing online advertising for one of the candidates, I'd be using Google Trends data to figure out which keywords to buy via Google AdWords. Check out the post on my search engine marketing blog where I ran an advertising experiment doing just that. Also, I've seen some interesting comments on that blog to the question:
Which Presidential Candidate is Most Qualified for the Job?
I'll be curious to see how Ron Paul fairs in the Iowa Straw Poll. Will he give Mitt Romney a run for his money (pun intended) or is his campaign somehow isolated to the Internet?

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