Wednesday, March 21, 2007

TagMuse and Technorati WTF

TagMuseSometimes it's a little confusing looking at the popular searches on Technorati (that's where TagMuse gets its data). I can see why Technorati introduced their WTF feature. It gives some context to these searches. At least it provides the potential for offering explanations about these searches without necessitating wading through blog posts to try to figure out WTF everyone is searching for.

For instance, right now TagMuse is identifying 7 of the top 10 searches on Technorati as topics that might be worth blogging about. (The idea is to identify top searches that aren't in top tags - topics many people are searching for but not as many people have blogged about it. Read the TagMuse FAQ if that doesn't make sense.) These are the 7 topics: , , , , , , . In fact, is actually the #1 blog search according to Technorati. Hmm, WTF is this about? No idea. Try Technorati WTF for steven furtick. There are currently 5 WTF blurbs on that topic. A couple of things I'm trying to figure out:
  1. Does Technorati WTF add value? IOW, is it more useful to read those WTF blurbs than to actually sift through blog posts?
  2. Is TagMuse a good idea? Read the FAQ, try it and let me know.
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Can It Be Done? said...

I want to beat Steve Furtick at his game. Help me get above him on the technorati search list. Technorati Challenge

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