Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Flickr TagMan for Bitty Browser

I came across Bitty Browser via the Web 2.0 Million Dollar Homepage. I've created a version of the Flickr TagMan game that should fit in a Bitty Browser. Here's a screenshot:

Flickr Game

Click on the above image to play a game. Let me know if the game is playable in the smaller window. If you want a version for your site, click on the "Source" button along the buttonbar and use the code for your site. The original Flickr TagMan display 4 photos when you win a game. This Bitty Browser version displays 3 photos.

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Anonymous said...

The way you discovered Bitty - This is what we call Focussed Curiosity!

Srinivasan & Vinay
The Web2.0 Million Dollar Homepage

11:28 PM  
Richard said...

LOL. I wondered if you'd find this blog. Next time, try a game of TagMan. Technorati's pretty handy for tracking the subject matter of blogs, eh? ;-)

1:07 PM  

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