Friday, February 17, 2006

Don't rrreeead this brrreeeport

Don't read. Play. I'd appreciate help from my fellow z-listers who are exploring all of the brrreeeport-tagged blogs and blog posts. Play a game of TagMan, a hangman game for web 2.0 tags. Choose your version:

Play Technorati TagMan
Play Flickr TagMan
Play Squidoo TagMan
Play TagMan

Each version will randomly grab a tag from the corresponding site's popular tags page. You never know, brrreeeport could be the answer. ;-)

After playing a game (or two), let me know what you think about running ads in the game. Please post comments to this blog post or the Tagvertising Experiment post. Thanks. I hope you enjoy the game.

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Ron van den Boogaard said...

I like it, but this is typically an application that could benefit from AJAX, so page-reloads would not be necessarry.
If it were faster, it might be more addictive.
Fun though.

4:30 AM  
Richard said...

Ron, thanks for the AJAX suggestion. You can tell I'm a server-side coder. Used to write C/C++ applications. TagMan is not web 2.0. It's meta-web 2.0. ;-)

11:37 PM  

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