Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cheney Edgeio Brrreeeport

I noticed earlier today that brrreeeport is no longer a hot tag on Technorati. However, it has still been one of the top searches. Earlier it was #10 and is now #12. That made me wonder how much overlap there is between the top searches and the top tags on Technorati. Currently, of the 15 top searches and 25 hot tags, only 2 overlap: cheney and edgeio.

Play a game of Technorati TagMan - it's a fun way to explore the popular tags. Doesn't look like you'll be stumped by a clue like "_ r r r _ _ _ _ _ _ _" right now. ;-)

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ycc2106 said...

I just discovered Tagman, nice idea!
So I have 'blog this'-ed it, I have embed the technorati tagman so poeple can directly play.(see
Do you mind? If yes just tell me and I'll replace it with a screenshot. :)

4:16 AM  
Richard said...

Hello ycc2106! Very nice. No problem embedding the game in your blog. That's cool. Glad you enjoy the game.

7:03 AM  

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