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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Other Unique Queries Found

I guess I'm going to have to update my Google profile:
my Google profile
It looks like the other unique queries can now be found:
If you've used the Search Query Performance report before, you may have noticed that some of your traffic was grouped under a line item called "other unique queries." This line encompassed queries with very low volume, often occurring triggering your ad only one or two times. However, some advertisers found that a significant portion of their spend was grouped under this heading, which made it difficult to manage keyword variations.
Note, too, that the other unique queries can be found in the new interface. There's something odd, though, about which queries will still not be found. So, maybe I don't need to change my Google profile, after all. ;-)

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Friday, May 08, 2009

AdWords for Small Business Opportunity

Insightful quote about AdWords and small business by Sergey Brin in Google's 2008 Founders' Letter:
Despite the progress in our advertising systems and the growth of our base of advertisers, I believe there are significant improvements still to be made. While our ad system has powerful features, it is also complex, and can confuse many small and local advertisers whose products and services could be very useful to our users.
Google's solution of hiding the complexity of AdWords behind a simple user interface (Starter Edition) is not the answer. Some even wonder if Starter Edition violates Google's "Don't be evil" motto. I think there's an opportunity, here, either for Google or advertising professionals to bridge the gap. How can Google's complicated AdWords system be made simple for small business?

One option is to *be* the interface. One of my fellow AdWords Help Top Contributors has put together a new service: AdWords PI. For a modest fee, she will investigate problems with AdWords accounts. I suspect that many small business owners have waded into AdWords and found themselves overwhelmed. This kind of a service might be a good way to bridge the gap. I wish Kim Clink (aka MrsC) well with this new service and am sure she will help many advertisers. Read more about AdWords PI.

I think Google's solution will be to drop AdWords Starter Edition and push the Google AdWords Authorized Reseller Program. I think Google wants to cater to small business but doesn't want to deal with customer support issues. IOW, they want to have their cake and eat it, too. ;-)

SEM Starter KitNotes to self: Create a service like the SEM Starter Kit but tailored specifically for small business owners and AdWords. Develop the domain. Keep asking: How can Google's complicated AdWords system be made simple for small business?

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