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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Overture 2.0 - RIP Yahoo! Search Marketing

In 2007, when many thought Yahoo! would be acquired, I argued that Yahoo! should not be for sale:
Nobody should buy Yahoo!, though. A merger makes no sense when being nimble is what's necessary to compete with Google. However, I think a joint venture with Microsoft might work. (BTW, these are the 2 things I think Yahoo! should do right now, before considering mergers or partnerships.) In order to keep up with Google, it might even make sense for Yahoo! and Microsoft to spin off their search advertising properties and merge those entities into a new firm. Following the web 2.0 naming conventions (tongue-in-cheek), they should create this new search company:

ovrtr = yahoo + microsoft

Yeah, that's Overture sans vowels. ;-)
I wasn't too far off the mark, reading about the Microsoft - Yahoo! search deal today. I can't help but think, though, that this is the beginning of the end for Yahoo. It's certainly RIP Yahoo! Search Marketing. That'll simplify life for those of us that manage PPC accounts. Having started PPC advertising using Overture, the news of the end of its successor is actually a bit sad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ding-dong the witch is dead! I was so tired of the click fraud from Yahoo, that I stopped advertising with them. At least with Microsoft, I can turn off those "valuable search partners." For me, this deal can't happen soon enough.

Wed Jul 29, 07:38:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Paul Roberson said...

This is a major move forward in the advancement of the internet...

Thu Jul 30, 03:11:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Richard said...

In what way, Paul?

Thu Jul 30, 04:47:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Richard said...

Regarding click fraud and "valuable search partners" on the future Yahoo/Microsoft search advertising platform, I wonder how they'll implement this deal term:

"Yahoo! will continue to syndicate its existing search affiliate partnerships."

Thu Jul 30, 04:51:00 PM EDT  
Blogger ddadmin said...

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Thu Jul 30, 08:25:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous runescape gold said...

Well, Yahoo didn’t want to be acquired. This partnership will keep Yahoo independent for now. Who knows, they can develop new technologies and become a better, more profitable company and not rely on the web services.
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Thu Jul 30, 10:16:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I wonder how they'll implement this deal term..."

Ooh, good question. I guess, my hope, is that AdCenter's current option to turn of affiliates remains. If not, looks like I'll stop advertising with the new MS/Yahoo too.

I'm not big on throwing away my hard-earned money on domain spam, so I plan to vote with my pocketbook.

Sat Aug 01, 03:01:00 AM EDT  

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