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Friday, February 27, 2009

Google AdWords vs Yahoo! Search Marketing

At the new AdWords Help forum, there's an interesting discussion about Google AdWords vs Yahoo! Search Marketing. Here's the original question:
Any ideas why my google traffic ( search only ) is not converting into sales as well as Yahoo? I run the same campaigns on both. Yahoo converts much better? I thought google would be higher in conversions?
This was my response:
A variety of factors could be at play here. Some possibilities:

1) Google's expanded broad matching is showing your ads for less relevant keywords
2) There is less advertiser competition on Yahoo
3) Your product/service is more suitable for the Yahoo demographic

Keep in mind that, to some degree, you are comparing apples and oranges. The keyword matching algorithms are different for Google and Yahoo. Your ad distribution choices are different. The syndicated partner networks differ. These days, the competition is more fierce on Google due to its larger market share. You will find that some ads perform better on Yahoo. In other cases, some ads will perform better on Google. Accordingly, you might need different bids across the 2 PPC systems.

Regarding keyword matching. On Google, you have: exact, phrase, broad (expanded), negative, embedded. On Yahoo, you have: standard, advanced, negative. These are quite different. Make sure you understand the actual keywords that result in your ads being triggered. On Google, use the search query performance report. On Yahoo, be sure to enable the tracking URLs. That will give you the data you need. I like to watch that data carefully:

A few words of caution about Yahoo:
1) Be sure to set an account daily spending limit. This is off by default which puts you at risk for unlimited click charges. See:
2) Make sure you watch your account on a daily basis. Yahoo reserves the right to edit your account. See the comments on this post:
3) Many of the Yahoo search partners are low quality. You cannot opt out. Watch your traffic and block poorly performing domains. You can block up to 500.

You have much better control on Google. For instance, you can block parked domain traffic for your search campaigns. You can also opt out of all search distribution partners, if you want. You don't have those options on Yahoo. If you have the budget, I'd keep the search network on, but consider blocking parked domains. You can use the site and category exclusion tool to see your conversion stats and then block via that tool, if the results are poor:

Take a look at the other responses. If you use both Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing, join in the discussion...

Google AdWords Help Forum

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Hedge Hog said...

Hey I know this is about google adwords not adsense but I have a question, since Im new to your website. I noticed that you do not have any third party ad distribution on your page (i.e. adsense, chitika)
Why is that? is it more coefficient the way you have it now?
I'm trying to better monetize my website ( ) and not having good luck with monetization.

Tue May 19, 05:27:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous unlimited said...

Most of Yahoo clicks are sent from fraudulent partners and you can't only block 500 per account which is really too low. You hit the maximum really fast and it seems to have different networks of fraudulent domains for all types of keyword niches. So it's far from being enough. The block domain feature is only available for YSM US/CAN/IT/ES/DE/FR. It should be possible to block bad domains in ALL YSM markets. YSM scandies market send 99.9% of fake clicks and there are no way to turn bad domains off. Not fair!

Wed Oct 07, 04:40:00 PM EDT  

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