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Thursday, May 29, 2008

AdSense for Domains Click Fraud Quotes from Google Employees

I think Google employees (including executives) are starting to realize that distribution fraud is the real click fraud and that it is tarnishing the Google brand. Consider what Google's Strategic Partner Manager for AdSense for Domains, Hal Bailey, was overhead saying at a recent conference:
The session started off with a bang as Howard Neu told the audience that Google’s Hal Bailey had accused domainers of clicking on their own ads and for fraudulent traffic.
Wow. I've seen many instances of garbage traffic originating from Google's AdSense for Domains network, but I've never heard Google admit to the fraudulent traffic. Until they clean up the network, I recommend opting out. New advertisers shouldn't be forced to pay for this traffic. Parked domain traffic should be excluded by default and Google needs to be more transparent about the sources of their traffic on both the search and content networks.

Reading the Google Q1 2008 Earnings Call Transcript, Google's Senior Vice President of Product Management, Jonathan Rosenberg, refers to "the AdSense for domains cleanup" when answering a question about slowing sequential growth. So, even a Google executive is aware that this network needs to be cleaned up. Think about that. Even at the top level, Google knows it has a click fraud problem on its hands.

I know this blog is read by a diverse audience including advertisers, domainers, and investors. Do any of you know more about these quotes from either Jonathan Rosenberg or Hal Bailey concerning click fraud and AdSense for Domains?

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