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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Google Online Marketing Challenge - Go Beavers!

Wow. A few weeks ago, I wrote: Google Online Marketing Challenge a Clever Recruiting Tactic. That certainly has proved to be the case. Yesterday, Google announced (emphasis mine):
Now we're giving 21,000 students the chance to experiment and gain hands on experience of this medium -- and to empower small local businesses to harness the power of the web to attract more customers. In a vast global academic competition, business students from 466 universities in 61 countries will participate in the Google Online Marketing Challenge.
How many small businesses participating in the marketing challenge will remain as customers? Keep in mind, the requirement is that these are new AdWords advertisers. Of those 21,000 students from 466 universities, how many new businesses have they managed to recruit on behalf of Google? How many of those students, in turn, will either apply for a job at Google or enter the search engine marketing field? I imagine this program is already viewed as a stunning success at the Googleplex.

Go Beavers! I'll be rooting for the 5 teams from my alma mater, MIT:

mit google online marketing challenge teams

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