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Monday, February 04, 2008

2008 Super Bowl Ads via

Last year, in Super Bowl Commercials Preview, I wrote:
Will their be spikes in keyword searches via search engines like Google due to Super Bowl ad content? If so, who will benefit? I'll also be expecting to see some interesting PPC ads on Google (and perhaps Yahoo) that tie in to Super Bowl commercials. Perhaps there'll be some savvy competitors who launch PPC advertising campaigns today, on Super Bowl Sunday, to take advantage of traffic from television ads they didn't even create.
This year, I knew I wouldn't have time to watch the search trends in real-time. So, I downloaded the Google hot trends data feed each hour for a few hours. I'll sift through the data this week, to see if it sparks any search marketing ideas for my clients. Here's a sample of the data (note that the search trends are, indeed, updated hourly):
I did notice from the 10pm feed that the trend of direct navigation via search is still strong. Why do people type URLs into search boxes? Consider these searches:
I generally don't find clicking on a link a pleasant experience, so I'd look elsewhere for a recap of the 2008 Super Bowl ads. These search trends from today fit the bill:
Again, interesting that people type into a search box rather than navigate directly to the site. Anyway, the SpotBowl Leaderboard lists all the 2008 Super Bowl ads. is run by Pavone, an ad agency. Based on the search trends, I imagine they're generating some pretty good exposure for themselves today. The domain name is a clever one, too.

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Blogger Ju-Djuin Tran said...

Hi Richard,

My name is Ju-Djuin Tran and I work in the Communication department for Hulu.

I noticed your great blog on the Super Bowl Ads and just wanted to let you know that you can watch, embed, and share all the commercials in high-quality streaming on your site.

Visit the Hulu Super Bowl page for access to all the Ads:


Mon Feb 04, 02:26:00 PM EST  
Blogger Miguel said...

We just posted our 4th annual study of how well super bowl advertisers integrated online and offline advertising - we'll be writing more about this on our blog, but the preliminary findings are already up on our site: Super Bowl XLII Scorecard.

Mon Feb 04, 03:46:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

richard the reason why people type urls into the search box at google is probably because people use google as a homepage and the cursor opens automatically as a default in the search box. i doubt they even know the difference between the search box and the address bar and just expect google to take them right to the site they type in -- which unfortunately does not happen with any consistancy. by the way, your blog is very informative and contains some very interesting observations.

Tue Feb 05, 12:03:00 PM EST  
Blogger Richard said...

Hmm, 2 kind of spammy comments from Blogger users and then a useful comment from an anonymous user that actually comments on the original post. Go figure. ;-)

So, thanks anonymous, for the insight and the compliment. I do try to share ideas that might be useful for others.

Thu Feb 14, 09:59:00 PM EST  
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