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Monday, October 08, 2007

Columbus Day Meatball Mondae - Discovery and Landing

Seth Godin has recently started writing weekly "Meatball Mondae" posts related to his forthcoming book, Meatball Sundae. In the latest post, Meatball Mondae #3 (Columbus Day Edition), he writes about Google and discovery:
Google and the other search engines have broken the world into little tiny bits. No one visits a Web site’s home page anymore—they walk in the back door, to just the place Google sent them. By atomizing the world, Google destroys the end-to-end solution offered by most organizations, replacing it with a pick-and-choose, component-based solution.

Columbus is the center of a popular fable about discovery. He set out to find something, got lost along the way and instead gets credit for an ever bigger find. The analogy of the web is pretty much a stretch, but here goes: people don't always find you the way you want to be found.
I'll take the liberty of boiling this down to a concept the search engine marketing industry has recognized for some time now: Every page on a web site is a potential landing page. Doesn't matter if you're approaching this from a PPC advertising or SEO or even web design point of view. Many web designers don't think about this and that's why SEO is still necessary. I do still wonder though: Did Google Kill the SEO Star?

BTW, it somehow seems appropriate to be using a word like landing on Columbus Day. I haven't written much about landing pages from an SEO point of view, but I have talked about them in the context of PPC advertising. See these posts:
Now, since Seth Godin is the creator of Squidoo, let me conclude this post by suggesting you go explore that site via a game of Squidoo TagMan. Have a good landing!

squidoo game

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