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Monday, March 26, 2007

When is Yahoo! Search Better Than Google?

Just two days ago, I blogged about the lack of search results for the domain. Notice the title of that post: FedEx Kinko's Domain TV Ad Oops. Look at a current snapshot of Yahoo! Search results for that domain: Yahoo Search
BTW, think about the utility of blogs when it comes to SEO. Notice that search results #2-#5 are all due to a single blog post (hint: remember the blog post title). Two days ago, this was a blank search, as it was on Google: Google Search

Whereas Yahoo! is currently showing 5 results, Google is showing more than 10, but the ranking is not as effective as the results on Yahoo! Search:

Google SERP 1-5

Those are the first 5 results on Google. Do you see what's wrong with the ranking of these results? The actual domain is not present. The original blog post I wrote is not present. The top 2 results are from a splog (spam blog) that scraped the content from my original post. Isn't that a bit ironic considering the Google Webmaster Central Blog recently said:
Purely scraped content, even from high quality sources, does not provide any added value to your users.
Since duplicate content is such an important issue for Google, I would expect their algorithm to handle this a little better, particularly considering the original blog post was written using Blogger, a Google property. The Google ranking algorithm should recognize a couple of things:
  1. when the original content was written (timestamp on original blog post)
  2. where the original content resides (links to original blog post)
Here are search results #6-#10 for a Google search on

Google SERP 6-10
I don't often see people talking about the Yahoo! Search algorithm being better than Google's. In this particular instance, for whatever reason, that is the case. I realize this is one very specific example, but I think it also points out what a long way Google has to go with blog search. Perhaps there is room for a startup to take on Google regarding real-time search. Google's ok with stale documents, but these days you need a search engine that weighs temporal factors as well as linking factors. I don't want to go off on a tangent here, but perhaps Google should buy Technorati. Actually, it might make more sense for Yahoo! to make this purchase. Combining Yahoo! Search + Flickr + Technorati + + Yahoo! Answers into a comprehensive search engine might surpass Google's aging search platform. Hmm, I like that juxtaposition: Google aging.

Getting back on track, I think it's worth pointing out the value of blogs in relation to SEO. This was a pretty simple example since there were no existing search results before I blogged about it, which is the reason I did blog about it. The only search results currently present are due to a single blog entry. Still, that makes for a "clean" case study. It's a bit like dropping a stick in a stream and watching what happens downstream. I'll be curious to see how these SERPs change over the next few days. BTW, the MSN/Live search (whatever you call it) for is still blank. Is Microsoft's search solution obsolete already?

P.S. If you like Technorati, check out my TagMuse Technorati mashup to help generate blog topic ideas.

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