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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lee's Large List Lacks Link

Lee Odden has made public blogs he reads. Lee describes the list as "a collection of over 250 blogs covering search marketing with a few that venture into blogging, social media and new media public relations. This list is an output of my own RSS reader and it will update (add/remove) as I update the list of blogs and feeds that I track." He suggests linking to his list if you want to be considered for inclusion. Clever way to gain more links. It's quite a comprehensive list and is worth linking to. If you're interested in SEO/M, SMO/M, PR or online marketing in general, you'll find some useful blogs. Lee's list lacks a link, though. No Apogee Weblog. I'm just kidding. It's Lee's personal RSS feed. What he reads, he reads. ;-)

Rather than ask for my blog to be included in the list, I thought it'd be interesting to note a few things Lee and I have in common:
  1. We both write for Search Engine Guide: Lee, Me
  2. Our blogs were both added to 9rules in the latest round.
  3. On 9rules, our blogs are in the same categories: business, marketing
  4. We've both played a game of TagMan (see Lee's comment on this AdWords post)
Lee, if you do happen to read this post, no worries if you don't include my blog. However, I do notice that you're boosting Technorati's inbound links by using Technorati Tags in all of your posts. How about switching to Apogee Tags for at least one post? BTW, I'd be happy to help you create a tagging system on your blog such that you keep all the tag links on your site but still have your posts listed on the Technorati Tags pages. Whaddya say?

Apogee Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,


Blogger TopRank said...

Hey Richard, We're tracking a lot of blogs and some fell through the cracks. You're on the list for the next weekly update!

The master list is at:

and is currently at over 270 blogs, soon to be 300 by the end of January.


Sun Jan 07, 12:39:00 AM EST  
Blogger Richard said...

Thanks, Lee. It's very "SEOmoz" of you to make your search marketing blog reading list public. No problem on my blog falling through the cracks. I imagine it's a bit of a headache to maintain the list. Again, thanks for posting such a useful resource.

Sun Jan 07, 08:46:00 PM EST  

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