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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Squidoo for the Holidays

One thing I enjoy about the holidays is a chance to catch up on some reading and writing. Last year over the holidays, I started blogging and wrote TagMan, a game for web 2.0 tags. This year, as well as catching up on some offline reading, I hope to find some new blogs to subscribe to. In addition to exploring blogs from the 9rules network, I'm finding Squidoo is a useful place to find new blogs. I found out about this z-list meme today from Seth Godin's What to read now/next post. Will have to check out those blogs, as well. Speaking of exploring and Squidoo, try a game of Squidoo TagMan. It's a fun way to explore the Squidoo tag clouds.

Play Squidoo TagMan Game

Happy Holidays!

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